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Indoor Dipole which came with SDR (1 reply)

4 months ago
AdriHD 4 months ago


I got a configurable indoor dipole antenna with a SDR which I got online. The actual set I received was this one:



It works okay to a degree but I'm puzzled as to why they shoved a 100KΩ resistor between across the output. They say it's to smooth over the noise/interference, but I would have thought that a simple high-pass filter would have been more effective?

Sadly as I live in a massive block of flats (and high up), I have to deal with indoor antennas, and not having a loft, I'm a little limited. Does anyone have any pointers to some ideas for antennas I could use in a flat? The main ω's which I tend to hang around in are the ISM bands and 14x/43x amateur bands.


Any pointers would be a bonus!





3 months ago
ON8NT 3 months ago

Hi Ade,

WIMO offers some solution for cases like yours:


I'm also living in an apartment but with a balcony... I use the SOTA-Antenna Duoband 2m/70cm and the 2m/70cm Dual band dipole mounted on a tripod (for cameras) and have good results with. See also my website for some pics and information:





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