G3EDM SK Garage Sale May 2015

CARS LogoThe following message is forwarded on behalf of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society:

Clive Ward G1EUC  is organising the disposal of the late Geoff Mill, G3EDM’s radio equipment and there will be a garage sale at 11am on Saturday, 30 May 2015 at the Geoff’s QTH in Little Baddow (Address as per G3EDM on QRZ)

Parking is a bit tight so be prepared to park and walk a little – you could drive to the house to pick up anything heavy. There is a lot of kit – too much to detail and price – some of it simply to be taken away.

Here is the equipment list, as supplied to us:

Lots of old valve gear TX and RX and HEAVY Power units Vintage stuff various


  • Icom aerial tuner and remote and automatic AH3
  • 4 or 5 heavy duty rotators with the remote controllers Hygain and CDR
  • Heathkit PSU type 830
  • Heathkit photo patch unit as used in the States to patch the telephone line to the radio
  • TENTEC Omni 6 trasciever in new mechanical condition but does not work properly – Lights up, changes freq but no TX or RX
  • Zeiss slide projector boxed with spare lamp
  • Drums of coax and 4 core cable
  • Vintage Rolls Royce ignition unit with trembler (high voltage generator)
  • Boxes of TX and RX valves Glass GT octal and metal rectifiers, etc
  • Rye PMR base rec. valved
  • Small Xtal CW TX not home-made probably an SOE or German spy transmitter

For details, please contact Clive Ward G1EUC on  01245-224577

Thanks to Clive for allowing this to be shared

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