Amateur Radio Repeaters in Essex

At the time of writing, there are 15 amateur radio repeaters located in the county of Essex, with a number of other repeaters bordering Essex, in London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and across the water in Kent. On this page, we list the repeater sites located within the borders of Essex:

Location of amateur radio repeater sites in Essex
Location of amateur radio repeater sites in Essex

Essex Repeater List

2 metre Analogue
GB3DADanbury, Chelmsford145.725145.125-0.6110.9Run by ERG
GB3TEClacton145.6125145.0125-0.667.0Run by Martello Tower Group
70cm Analogue
GB3BZBraintree430.85438.45+7.6110.9Run by BADARS
GB3OYBuckhurst Hill430.95438.55+7.682.5 
GB3CLClacton433.225434.825+1.667.0Run by Martello Tower Group
GB3CEColchester433.35434.95+1.667.0Run by Martello Tower Group
GB3ERDanbury, Chelmsford433.075434.675+1.6110.9Run by ERG
GB3HWRomford *433.325434.925+1.6110.9 
70cm Digital (D-Star) – Help: D-Star in Essex
GB7ZPChelmsford439.4875430.4875-9.0N/ARun by ERG
GB7KHKelvedon Hatch439.6125430.6125-9.0N/ADetails:
GB7TEClacton145.775145.175-0.6N/ARun by Martello Tower Group
70cm Digital (DMR) – Help: DMR in Essex
GB7CLClacton439.6375430.6375-9.0N/ARun by Martello Tower Group
GB7KHKelvedon Bunker439.6125430.6125-9.0N/ADetails:
Yaesu System Fusion C4FM
GB7KHKelvedon Bunker439.6125430.6125-9.0N/ADetails:
GBDADanbury145.725 (Analogue-only)145.125-0.6N/ARun by ERG
6 metres
GB3DBDanbury, Chelmsford50.7751.27-0.5110.9Run by ERG
MB7TVClacton144.500144.500N/AN/A Run by Martello Tower Group

If any of the information is incorrect, please contact us

Other local repeaters

The definitive site for repeaters is at – Please visit this site for details of the repeaters that neighbour the county of Essex, and for a list of repeaters nationwide.

Worth a look

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, download one of the free UK amateur radio repeater applications – these help you to locate your nearest repeater and find the frequencies and tones needed to program your radio. Got an iPhone/iPad? See our Handy iPhone Apps page. Apps are also available for Android devices via the Google Play store.

UK Repeater App for iPhone
UK Repeater App for iPhone

Thanks to one of our members, Mitchell 2E0EMO, for suggesting that we add a list of Essex amateur radio repeaters to our site.

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* Technically Romford in a London borough, and we’ve been asked to remove details of this local repeater. Members of Essex Ham have voted to keep this details of the repeater on this page, as it’s on the London/Essex border, and this is useful information.


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