D-Star In Essex

On this page, you’ll find some basic information about D-Star, and some handy information for those in and around Essex.

What is D-Star?

icom IC-E92D D-Star handheld
Icom IC-E92D D-Star handheld

Most amateur radio voice chat is analogue. D-Star is one of the relatively new Digital Voice (DV) modes.

D-Star is championed by manufacturer Icom. Other DV formats include DMR (Motorola and others) and Fusion (Yaesu)

D-Star offers some strong advantages over analogue voice:

  • Connectivity around the world using the Internet
  • Can be used to GPS positioning information
  • Automatic logging of callsigns, plus online logs of traffic
  • Digital audio quality
  • Option to set your radio to “Call Squelch”, so you will only receive calls for you.
  • Reflectors (Regional ‘chatrooms’)


Using D-Star

You’ll need a D-Star radio – they’re made by Icom, and they’re not cheap –  Prices for a typical D-Star handheld are around £300.

Setting up a D-Star radio can be tricky, as you are required to program extra settings for each repeater, and also set the radio to transmit your callsign in text format.

One of the benefits of D-Star, is that you can link your radio and your repeater to others over the Internet. You could be driving around Chelmsford, connected to the Danbury D-Star repeater, talking to someone driving around New York. Before you can use the Internet connectivity, you have to be registered on the D-Star network (See D-Star Registration in Essex)


D-Star Repeaters In/Around Essex

Here is a list of the D-Star repeaters in Essex, together with their settings.

Note that “RPT” columns contain two blank spaces, shown here as underscores.

RepeaterLocationOutputInputOffset“YOUR”“RPT 1”“RPT 2”
GB7KHKelvedon Hatch439.6125430.6125-9.00CQCQCQGB7KH__BGB7KH__G
GB7OKBromley, Kent145.7125145.1125-0.6CQCQCQGB7OK__CGB7OK__G


D-Star Gateways In/Around Essex

The following is a list on D-Star Gateways. A gateway is not the same as a repeater – it provides access to the D-Star network, and is simplex.

Note that “RPT” columns contain two blank spaces, shown here as underscores.

RepeaterLocationOutputInputOffset“YOUR”“RPT 1”“RPT 2”
MB6CLClacton (70cm)430.1875430.18750.00CQCQCQMB6CL__BMB6CL__G
MB6DSClacton (2m)144.8375144.83750.00CQCQCQMB6DS__CMB6DS__G


Icom IC-E92D Information

How to set the E92D to transmit APRS data using the optional GPS mic: gb7wc.ukace.co.uk/D%20APRS.htm


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