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VHF/UHF bands (1 reply)

Agent X
8 months ago
Agent X 8 months ago

Hi I have just joined, I've just revalidated my license after taking a short break from Amateur radio but now I'm back again and I would like to support the VHF & UHF bands as they don't seem to be getting much use at the moment. 

When I get a bit more time I'll be putting up some antennas. I have an Inverted V antenna for 4 meters and two dipole antennas for 2 Meters & 70cms 

I'm hoping I can encourage more people to use these bands. Thankfully 2 meters FM has a reasonable amount of activity so my plan is to arrange some nets on 4 Meters FM simplex and some 70cms simplex nets I'm based in London but most of my RF goes in the Essex direction as well as parts of London. I can access the following repeaters on 2/70 with indoor antennas which are GB3DA, GB3EL, GB3AL, GB3OY, GB3HW and sometimes GB3EK and the Bromley simplex repeater which can be opened with a CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz and can be accessed on all 3 bands. I think I'll do quite well once I have put up some more permanent antennas.

I will look forward to working these bands and getting them a bit more active.   

Steve W
8 months ago
Steve W 8 months ago

Hi there, great to hear you are promoting the VHF/UHF bands and amateur radio in general. The Potteries Amateur Radio Club (online club) has just been setup to encourage particularly portable operation by amongst others, Carl 2E0 EZT. He has a good You Tube channel. I live up on the Yorkshire Coast and it's pretty quiet up here and like you I'm struggling to get some antennas up at the home QTH, hence I go out portable quite a bit. I'm hoping to be up at Flamborough Head this weekend (02/11/19) and other times when I can. Gonna try and get a 2m signal up to Scotland along the East Coast. 73s


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