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Online amateur radio talks from Denby Dale (No replies)

2 months ago
ON8NT 2 months ago

Online amateur radio talks from Denby Dale

The Denby Dale Radio Society has organised an impressive line-up of amateur radio talks for Spring which you can watch live on Zoom or later on YouTube

The planned talks, which start at 7:30pm on Wednesdays, are:

Wednesday 3rd March our speaker is Nick M0NTV. He is talking about building your own simple HF radio and the fun he has had since he took up amateur radio.

Wednesday 17th March our speaker is Bryan W2RBJ. He has produced a new Ham kit for his club with information and ideas about how to get your licence and move forward in the hobby. So this meeting will be of big interest to new amateurs and those starting in the hobby especially

Wednesday 24th March Anthony F4GOH will be introducing us to how radio amateurs can use the Raspberry pi and the Arduino

Wednesday 31 March Carl K9LA is going to talk about our upcoming HF propagation and sunspot Cycle 25

Wednesday 7th April Geoff W0CG / PJ2DX showing us around the Contesting station PJ2T and how they have had 1 million QSOs. Not that any of us are envious of the amazing location and station !!!

Wednesday 14th April John G8SEQ will talk about portable stations and Omni directional antennas . Appropriately here in Yorkshire with its huge coal mining history John started his working life in the mining industry.

Wednesday 21st April John NU0V is going to tell us about his homemade DC polarity checker he has built for use in the shack. At some stage all of us will accidentally connect our DC supply to a radio the wrong way round and more than likely destroy your equipment !

Wednesday 5th May Mike G4WNC will talk us through setting up the ZumSpot USB digital hotspot to connect your VHF/UHF digital radio to the digital network available to radio amateurs.

Wednesday 12th May our very own Tom ZS1AFS will be talking on Trapezing Antennas.

The Zoom meeting ID is 842 5221 3056

For further information see

Recordings of earlier Denby Dale online talks can be seen at






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