Essex CW Club Boot Camp – Video Review

Back in October 2017, the Essex CW Club (ECWARC) held their first CW Bootcamp. This took place in Witham on the 21st of October, with people traveling from across Essex and beyond to take part in the event.

Although the event was some months ago now, we’ve put together a short video which gives an overview of the event, and gives those not able to attend a feel for how the event was put together:

In the video, Pete M0PSX speaks to Dean G4WQI and Rob M0KCP to find out more about the event:

“Quite a few people have turned up to take part in our CW Boot Camp. We originally had the idea from Roger G3LDI who runs one for Norfolk Amateur Radio Club, and we decided to give it a go ourselves. We’ve split the room up into 3 sections – slow (0-10wpm), medium (15-20wpm), and fast (20wpm and above), and there’s a radio room with a live station set up in the corner” (Dean G4WQI)

“What we do is we help people that are starting out, and also people that have CW skills already, to take their operating to the next level” (Rob M0KCP)

You can find a full report on the event over on the Essex CW ARC site: CW Boot Camp 21st October 2017 Report

Essex CW Club 2017 Bootcamp
Essex CW Club 2017 Bootcamp

Thanks to Adam Saxton M6WQI for supplying the footage

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