Essex 2m Activity July 2020

Saturday the 18th of July 2020 was another Essex 2m Activity Afternoon. The event is organised by the Thurrock Acorns and Essex Ham is a big supporter of this initiative, as we need more activity on the 2m band.

The Essex Ham club callsign had a good airing. Here’s a copy of the log for 1pm to 5pm local time:

Essex Ham MX0SXA Log for 18-July-2020

CallsignModeFreqTime (GMT)NameQTH
G4HCKFM Simplex145.4501209NicholasGrays
G3CTIFM Simplex145.4501220AlanGillingham
G8MLQFM Simplex145.4501255AndyGravesend
M7IDHFM Simplex145.4501300Ian (Studied with Essex Ham)Gillingham
M0LMRFM Simplex145.4501340DorothyBasildon
M5YRGFM Simplex145.4501355Gary (Just!)Medway
M0SCJFT8144.1741436r: -14 s:-12IO91
G4LPPFT8144.1741436r: -15 s:-03JO02
M6OABFT8144.1741449r: +5 s:-01JO01
G0JEIFT8144.1741452r: -16 s:-17IO93
M0DHOFT8144.1741454r: -06 s:+01IO91
G4VQZFT8144.1741457s:-18 (incomplete QSO)IO90
G0ROGFT8144.1741459r:-07 s:-17IO90
GX0HKOFM via GB3DA145.1251520RachelGrays
M0LMRFM via GB3DA145.1251524Dorothy (2nd contact)Basildon
2E0JBUFM via GB3DA145.1251528JamesBrentwood
G7BNDFM via GB3DA145.1251538BarryWitham
G0BKLFM via GB3DA145.4501552EddieGrays

Topics discussed on 2m simplex:

  • Clubs during the lockdown, and clubs post-COVID
  • Minibus hygiene and sterilising mic windshield muffs during COVID
  • The old RAE exam
  • 146-148MHz experimentation
  • Amateur radio in Malta
  • Lighthouses on the air
  • Online exams
  • Being stopped by the police whilst operating amateur radio
SSTV QSO with M0WJL - Essex 2m Activity 18-Jul-20
SSTV QSO with Gordon M0WJL – Essex 2m Activity Day 18-Jul-20

All in all, a good fun afternoon – not as many people on-air as we might have expected (given the lockdown), but it was a nice day outside. Lots of support from Kent. Sadly, little support from some of the other clubs in Essex, who could perhaps have got on air or online to promote the initiative, but well done to those to took the time to get active on 2m.

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