Chelmsford ARS at Sandford Mill

The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society was operating today (30th September 2012) from Sandford Mill in Chelmsford, as part of the annual Science Discovery Day.

Today was an annual open day at the Sandford Mill Museum, where families are encouraged to come and learn about science, technology and of course, radio.

Sandford Mill is a regular venue for CARS, and the club was out in full force today, manning three HF stations and talking to the public about the hobby.

The Marconi Hut was active on 40 metres for much of the day, and when we were there, it seems some good contacts were being made, with a lot of interest from passing families

Shack 40 metres
John G1UZD operating on 40m from the Marconi Hut, with Adrian M0ABY logging


Upstairs at the museum, CW was very much the theme. We caught up with Steve G4ZUL calling CQ on 17 metres and making contact with HG1912PTTT, a special event station in Hungary on the last day of their special callsign.

Steve G4ZUL on the CW key
Steve G4ZUL on the CW key talking to HB1912PTT


Despite not being the sunniest day of the year, there were a good number of people on-site at the Mill, especially families in the Barn watching the kid-friendly science presentations, and getting hands-on with the various exhibits – hopefully sparking interest in technology, electronics, physics and science in general.

Sandford Mill Science Museum
Sandford Mill Science Museum in Chelmsford


Also one of the more popular sights, was the Vintage Amateur Radio tent outside with Peter G3SUY’s Marconi 1154 and 1155 vintage transmitter and receiver, pictured here:

Barry operating the Marconi 1154 / 1155 on loan from Peter G3SUY


Final picture of this report goes to Colin G0TRM for his collection of morse keys, and for letting youngsters get hands-on with CW. Pictured here, is one of Colin’s collection, fashioned from a 3-pin mains plug and a ladies nail file… and it works!

Nail-file and mains plug CW key
Colin’s nail-file and mains plug CW key


Thanks to Sandford Mill for putting on this popular family event every year, and well done to all of the volunteers who turned up to spread the word about science, and of course, amateur radio.


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