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Wait for the training or just book an exam? (1 reply and 1 comment)

10 months ago
Suj999 10 months ago

Hello peeps,

Signed on to the on-line training course and its due to start on the 6th August. I was going to take my Foundation Exam after.

But just tried the mock exam on RSGB and got 22 right out of 26. (The connectors and eirp got me)

I'm not exactly in a hurry, but should I wait the month and a bit or so for the course to finish and then do the exam or just give it a go? I kind of do know my electronics due to personal interest and past qualifications.

Advice would be appreciated,

ta / 73

Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
10 months ago
Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX) 10 months ago

Hi Suj999

welcome to the world of amateur radio and a great hobby

it depends on your background, if you have a background in electronics / radio it should be easier

Pete's course has questions as you go through, also Pete runs Q&A sessions live online once a week during the course

also if you make a donation to essex ham via the website you get additional questions

book the exam for a week or two after the course finishes to give a little time for revision

when i say "if you have a background in electronics", could be some basic work with raspberry pi with some of the interfaces, the foundation is a very basic level, mainly ohms law and the basics of what a component does 

antennas is only very basic dipole types, vhf antennas the higher the better etc

make sure you learn to use the exam reference booklet, especially for the questions about licensing / bands as you will find "word for word" the question 

EG "What is the status of UK amateur radio on 3.7MHz?" Primary?, secondary? etc ,

but in the booklet you find "3.500-3.800 Primary. Shared with other services"

so learn to use the booklet rather than guessing questions about bands and power in foundation

its a great course Pete runs, i did my foundation with him 3 years ago



(not Pete who runs essexham)



10 months ago

Thanks Peter, Appreciated.

Might as well wait till the course is done, why waste an exam fee in case I get unlucky.


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