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Hello from South East London - Ham Student (1 reply and 2 comments)

11 months ago
Ross_mini 11 months ago

Just a quick note to introduce myself. I'm taking up the course, which to be honest I should have done years ago! The learning curve gets harder as the years roll on! I'm based in Catford, South East London. 

I run a busy motor factors in Plumstead, SE London, where we sell car, van parts, but I also do car electronic repairs, ECU installations and wiring, mostly on Kit and modified cars as a hobby mostly. I also collect/restore old computers

May dads friend pushed me in to this direction of HAM radios, after a discussion about a school project I did many years ago, seems like a lifetime ago! It was making a receiver from a Maplin kit with a few school mates, to pickup weather satellite signals and decode the audio in to images on our schools trusty BBC Micro. We also had someone visit us from the local scout group, that set up a transmitter to send packet data from our BBC Micro to another BBC Micro in a different school 50 odd miles away. I found all that fascinating! Good times. I was thinking about building something to replicate that again. Thats when my dads mate Pogo, said he still uses HAM and I should jump on board as I will learn skills, which I can use on these other projects. He also said you guys are a friendly bunch that is always willing to help out with knowledge. 

Ive got some copper tubing, rb58 cable, hand full of connecters and hope to build a j-pole antenna over the next week or so.

I have a Baofeng GT-3TP transceiver, which I have connected to Chirps. I do have a lot of questions about that! So sorry in advance if I ask too many questions!

I do look forward to chatting with you guys on the air waves once Ive passed the foundation course!






Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
11 months ago
Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX) 11 months ago

Hi Ross

welcome to your first steps into the world of amateur radio

you shouldn't have any issues with the foundation level 

then you can start to explore all the fun of the different modes, the bands and talking to new people

get up and running listening, get to know the flow of conversations (QSO's) what information is exchanged

the vast majority of data mode (FT8 / FT4 / RTTY / SSTV etc) are on the HF bands, 2mtr / 70cm tend to be mainly FM or digital in the form of D-Star etc

have a look at some of the SDR recievers which allow you a cheap (under £100) way into listening, and will allow you to listen / decode some of the data modes and see if they interest you

the biggest limitation for most is size of garden for antenna's

any questions just ask





11 months ago

Thanks Peter, I've built an 2m/70cm j-pole. Once I've got more knowledge about antennas, I will look at building some for the other bands.

With regards to SDR receivers, are there any models you recommend ?

2 months ago

Well I had to have a pause as my daughter’s illness took a nose dive. She stable now. So managed to finished the foundation course and passed a few weeks ago! I’m well chuffed! Great help with your training videos. Have been attempting to qc, without luck so far, apart from a local mate that’s helped me get some kit together.

I have listened in to 2 local nets. (Crystal Palace and Bromley) but didn’t join in. Just wanted to see the etiquette.

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