RSGB LogoVoting is open now for the RSGB’s 2023 AGM.

Now, we know that most people aren’t that interested in the AGM, and most RSGB members don’t bother voting and it’s led to some internal debate about why this is. Is everyone happy with RSGB as-is? Do people not care about how the RSGB is run? Is the RSGB’s structure not that important to most people’s enjoyment of the hobby? Do people not know what the AGM is about and who to vote for?

To help us to explore this, we’ve based our 2023 Member Survey around the RSGB and the AGM, and we’d love your views.

At the AGM, it’s possible to ask the board questions. After last year’s AGM, it was suggested that Essex Ham champions a few questions that we collectively put to the RSGB on behalf of our own members. We’re also keen to explore this as an option if there’s interest.

If you fancy having your say on the RSGB and the AGM, or suggesting a question that we can champion, have your say in our short survey

RSGB 2023 AGM Survey

2023 Candidates

There are three candidates applying for two positions on the board: Ben Lloyd GW4BML; Paul Nicholls M0PVN and Len Paget GM0ONX. You can learn more about each candidate in their candidate statements or in the following videos released by the RSGB

How to Vote

The internet voting service closes at 9am on 13 April 2023

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