Monday Night Net 22 Apr 13

Handheld MicrophoneHere’s a summary of the activity on the Essex Ham Monday Night Net this evening, Monday 22 April 2013.

The net started at 8:00pm on GB3DA, which so far, touch wood, is working ok.

For details of the net, see

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Pete M0PSX in Southend, in the chair
  2. Jim 2E0RMI in Chelmsford
  3. Dean M6BYF in Kent
  4. Peter G1FOA in Chelmsford
  5. Lucy M6ECG in Brightlingsea
  6. Bruce 2E0CPQ
  7. Phil M0IMA in Swanscombe
  8. Fred M6BZW in Maldon
  9. Tom 2E0TNC in Tiptree
  10. Neil G0RNU in Tilbury
  11. Rob M6KDP in Maldon

Topics for the evening as follows:

  • USB Weather Station
    Pete’s Wireless USB Weather Station

    Last Saturday’s International Marconi Day – good fun day. G1FOA, M6BZW and M6ECG were involved in ops, and 2E0RMI and M0PSX were listening!

  • Thousands of applicants for a one-way trip to Mars. Anyone know the radio lag for the round trip? (3-29 mins apparently, depending on the distance)
  • Aeronautical mobile  Not allowed in the UK, but allowed in some other countries
  • Things you’re not allowed to listen to: aircraft band, taxis & pirate radio. You can own a scanner, but not listen to certain things. What about listening to the marine band?
  • Listening to ‘Numbers Stations‘… no… I didn’t know what they were either.
  • Scanners – Apparently, scanner users can be detected by tuning to the scanner’s local oscillator… same principle as TV Detector Vans. Anyone believe this theory??
  • CB – It seems a lot of tonight’s attendees started in CB – And Lucy M6ECG is still using CB, and says it’s alive and kicking in Essex.
Monday Night Net - Dec 12
Pete M0PSX, controlling the Monday Night Net

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Interesting net tonight… thanks everyone. We wrapped up at 22:30pm

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