Langdon Hills Amateur Radio Club Info

Langdon Hills Amateur Radio Club formed in 2018. This page contains some basic information on the club, to help those looking to find out more or attend an event. The club’s callsign is MX0LHX


The following message appeared on Langdon Hills Facebook Page on the 23rd of June 2019:

“Important Notice: It is with regret that the Lharc will no longer be holding club nights or progression nights at the WI Hall or any indoor venues. Whilst this is disappointing for some it’s a decision well thought through. We are now as of today, a field day & events only club. So we look forward to seeing more of you out up the Beacons field in the coming events.”

Information last updated: June 2019 – Out of date? Let us know


Upcoming Langdon Hills Amateur Radio Club Events

The following list is taken from our Events Calendar. This list may not reflect any recent changes, so check with the Langdon Hills Facebook Page for the latest information:

Clubs Nights & Field Events

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