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Taking an exam online (1 reply)

1 year ago
Colinloc 1 year ago

Hi, I've just registered for an online intermediate exam but don't understand how they are done. I have looked on the RSGB website for helpful info but there is a serious lack of this! I had thought that I would be able to do the exam at home but am now clear that it must be done at a Centre alongside traditional paper-based candidates. Will I need to bring my laptop along and is an internet connection required?

**Update - I've just answered my own questions - yes and yes - from the RSGB guidance issued re Advanced examinations** But I'd be very interested to hear anyone's experience of doing an exam online.  




Pete M0PSX
Pete M0PSX
1 year ago
Pete M0PSX 1 year ago

Hi Colin,

An Internet connection and a laptop / PC is required for online exams. 

First step is to contact the club / exam centre, to find out how they conduct online exams. Some venues have wi-fi, and in other cases, the club provides a wi-fi hotspot. Some clubs provide computers, and you’re allowed to use your own.

Contact the people who are organising the exam for you, and they’ll be able to advise you.


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