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SWR Meters (1 reply)

4 months ago
M7UVW 4 months ago

So I wanted to set up my ham radio in my car, to use when parked. A regular You-tuber had recommend a set up, going into detail except for when it came to the SWR meter, for which he barely gave any information, apart from, “purchase yourself a cheap one”. Now my set-up was going to be a Yaesu FT-2980, which does not have an SWR meter. So I am wondering, do you even need said meter for only 10 watts output? And if you do, any recommendations for a cheap one. I have been looking but can’t find one.  I really want to get started so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

John M7UVW

Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
4 months ago

an SWR meter is always useful, either a traditional SWR power meter or one of NanoVNA's which can be used to measure much more than SWR and likely cheaper

if you have an adjustable magmount  then it always helps to check the SWR or tune it for area of the band you mainly work

the FT-2980 is 2m only so although you have more power, it is limited

other options are Anytone AT-778UV Dual Band Mobile Transceiver ( 25w dual band

would it not be worth considering a baofeng with a magmount as it will give you both 2m and 70cm all be it at only 5w (or 8w if you get the newer version but it makes little difference) but if you are mobile you can find some high ground to improve your range or use repeaters

baofeng UV5R's can do repeaters but not wirex /c4fm

you can get a Baofeng DM-9HX dual band FM + DMR for £60 or FT-70DE dual band FM + wires-x /C4FM but its £179

if you get a dual band 2/70 handheld you can add a antenna like an arrow for £60/£80 and play with the FM satellites as you only need 5w or less to activate them

it all depends where you want the hobby to take you, budget or if you already have the equipment 

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