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Power Levels on FT8 (1 reply)

3 weeks ago
G0CBO.Rodney 3 weeks ago

As new to this mode be interesting to hear what power levels other stations are using for FT8. There seems to be conflicting opinions on various forums on the internet.

I have found that on 30 and 40 mtrs I can get away with about 15 watts and as I go up in frequency on other bands about 30/40 watts is needed to achieve contacts.

On 144/430 mhz about 30 watts seems to work

I am amazed at some of the reports I see on PSK reporter and over the weeks have worked some good distances on these power levels.

My antenna for HF is a GP80 multiband with an ATU mounted at ground level with radials and for VHF a white stick co lin up about 18 feet, 430 mhz a 7 ele ZL type yagi at about 12 feet up.

Any comments on what you are all using as regards power and antennas.

Stay Safe

Rodney G0CBO

Peter 2E0PWX
3 weeks ago
Peter 2E0PWX 3 weeks ago

i find you don't need much power on FT8 / FT4, i have reached the US on 5w, be it 5w or the full 400w for full license holder your signal will get swamped by stations in certain european countries with their KW+ and massive antenna,

it just depends on conditions and propagation on the bands, and how busy it is.

i tend to use 2 pskreporter tabs, one monitoring who is hearing my callsign, the second monitoring who can hear calls from the country of my callsign, the second one gives you a clue which bands to target to reach particular regions

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