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Not able to make first QSO - What am i doing wrong? (1 reply)

1 month ago
M7WTD 1 month ago

Hello All,

I am Arun (M7WTD) from Hutton, Brentwood.

I have received my foundation license on April first week. I have bought a Baofeng UV-5RH as my first radio, and later got a Baofeng UV-5R + a Radtel antenna on a deal.

I tried to make a QSO many times by calling CQ on 145.5 and trying to connect to GB3DA and the Romford repeater but not able to connect or recieve any calls. I have programmed the chamnels with Chirp (including CTCSS and was able to hear chatter from Bristol 2M repeater last week (though not able to transmit). When I try to transmit to Danbury repeater I can sometimes hear a morse code tone back but lot of joise though.

I purchases a Nagoya 771 also thinking it might be the antenna not capable, and even tried calling CQ from a 9th floor balcony in central london, but unfortunately not able to make my first QSO.

I was really thrilled to enter into this wonderful hobby as it was my dream for around 15 years now. I have searched in internet what possibly I have done wrong but can't find anything. 

Much appreciate any help to get me started on this journey.

Thank you


2 weeks ago
M7SZS 2 weeks ago

I'm exactly on the same boat...

I live in Loughton, and waiting for the Nagoya too...


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