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Newby Licencee SSTV advice please? (No replies)

3 months ago
M7NJS 3 months ago

Hello I wondered if I might ask for some SSTV advice please? I am hoping to learn how to send and receive SSTV images I am making. I've been testing on the iPad and android apps but really wanted to use a radio. I've been doing some research on the Essex Ham site and online forums to understand how this will work and was going to use a BAOFENG UV-5R III or BAOFENG UV-5R handheld and a RaspberryPi to transmit and then webDSR to receive. I was thinking that through this I might not need the data interface mentioned on the EH website?

The question I had was whether you thought the Baofeng handheld would be the right choice for SSTV Tx - I saw Andy's post using a Baofeng on the EH website which looked good. I was also looking at the RSGB data sheets and band plans to check I would be transmitting within amateur allocation and correct band and licence conditions. I wanted to transmit and receive some SSTV myself to test my set up but again anyone more experienced with SSTV who could help me with SSTV bandwidth allocation - I don't want to cause any interference of interruption for other users by mistake! From the RSGB band plan it looks like SSTV is okay on 70cm 432.500MHz (secondary use) and 2M 144.500 MHz, 20 Metres 14.0 - 14.35MHz as Primary amateur access though 20M is more crowded? Have I got that right? Sorry if this is all really obvious to more experienced Hams.

Thanks in Advance!


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