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Moving to Portugal advice appreciated (1 reply and 2 comments)

1 year ago
G6URY 1 year ago

Hi, just wondering if anyone has experiance of; or knows somone that has; exchanged their UK licence for one in Portugal. I am aware of the requirement to swap my licence as I will be living there permanently but I am finding it difficult to nail down the process for exchanging my licence. Looking forward to operating in a newly adopted country later this year or early next, once I can navigate the my way through the licence minefield. Any help, greatly appreciated. 

Thank you


11 months ago
G6URY 11 months ago

Well I'm guessing that non one had encountered a move to another EU country before and wasn't able to help.

So just in case anyone else has to obtain a licence in another EU country; you first need to obtain a HAREC (a document issued to new UK exam pass students). As I passed the exam when it was the RAE, many moons ago I didn't have a HAREC. I didn't even know what one of these was.

After some trawling through the interweb I found out that ANACOM is Portugal's version of Ofcom. I sent them an email and they were very helpful. Everything is now on line and you have to follow these instructions;

Go to the reserved area on the ANACOM website and complete the registration form for amateur and amateur satellite services: (Using Google Chrome and translating the pages was a great help)

Complete the form "Granting of CAN by recognition of qualifying document" and send attached a copy of HAREC. 

*You will also need to upload copies of your Fiscal no. (PT Tax No.) and your passport. (If you do not have a Fiscal no. then you cannot do anything in Portugal)

**If you don't have a HARAC (Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate), and I didn't. You will need to contact OfCom. Ofcom will ask for your UK Call Sign, UK Licence No., name as printed on your passport and your D.O.B. OfCom were also very helpful and issued a HAREC within an hour. The UK HAREC is free. 

I now need to pay my €15.00 in advance at a cash machine (that's a story for another day), and I can look forward to being issued with a CT7 call sign. Now all I need to do is to find a ham radio shop in Portugal and get a new HF radio as I only bought a VHF/UHF handy with me.

10 months ago

thank you for the feedback, i myself cant make use of a move to Portugal, but hopefully some one at a future date may very well find this information of vital importance. agin thank you for you update.

10 months ago

My understanding is that the process is much the same throughout the EU. Make sure you have/obtain a HARAC, insure you have all the documentation to support your residency, apply through the national radio spectrum licensing authority. I am pleased to report that I now hold a Portuguese Class1 licence. CT7ARX

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