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Logging and QSL's? (1 reply)

7 months ago
M6AUK 7 months ago

I've used to log my contacts till now, manually writing things down and then entering them.
I'm going to start using my laptop for rig control (450D) and subsequently digital modes etc. I would like to know what other operators use to log their contacts. I would like to be able to keep a 'local' copy that I can obviously keep for historical purposes, as well as an online version (QRZ?). What software can I run on my laptop that I can do this with? I presume I would need to do an export to upload to QRZ?

I'm obviously looking for other stations to acknowledge the QSO. I would also like to start using QSL cards, but I am not a member of any organisation, so how does one do this? Can it be done electronically via the Internet?

Any help appreciated.

7 months ago
FaeLLe 7 months ago

If you use Google / Gmail you can always go to and create a new Spreadsheet to doc your contacts, this way you have a backup online and always own the data.

Similar options exist if you use Office 365 / Onedrive / Dropbox where you can sync your local Excel spreadsheet to the Cloud for backup.

This can be a copy of the data you maintain online in case the website shuts down.

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