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FT* Setup Settings (1 reply)

5 months ago
W8SIC 5 months ago

I am trying to get my IC 7300 and computer interfaced (using windows 10 software) so I can work on FT8.  I am having two specific problems. First, I don't seem to be putting out any type of signal on my rig.  I think I have the sound and microphone and rig settings correct but I understand that sometimes you have to play with those settings as well as the power setting on the software WJST.  Has anyone with the ICOM 7300 and windows 10 have the proper settings that you might be able to share with me or suggestions.


Ron Messner - W8SIC


5 months ago
(unknown) 5 months ago

Hey Ron, there are settings in WSJT-X and settings in your IC-7300 to double check.  So you may want to try:

WSJT-X.- Radio tab-Baud rate: 115200; Data Bits: 8; Stop bits:two; Handshake: Default; PTT Method: CAT; Mode: Data/PKT; Split op: Fake it; Audio tab-Input: Mic (USB CODEC); Output: Spkr (USB CODEC).

IC-7300.- Menu>Set>Connectors>Data OFF MOD=MIC,ACC; Data MOD: USB; CIV>CI-V USB Port: Unlink from [REMOTE]; CI-V USB Baud Rate: 115200.

Hope that helps!

Stephen - W2WF

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