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Deathly silence. (1 reply and 1 comment)

4 weeks ago
MM7WTW 4 weeks ago

As a very recently qualified amateur living to the north of Glasgow, I'm somewhat concerned as to the complete lack of activity on the 2m and 70cm bands around here. Is this usual in the UK? As a British Cycling official, we use the (Simple UK) Licence frequencies when officiating at events, these are far busier then the aforementioned amateur bands. Comments?

Pete M0PSX
4 weeks ago
Pete M0PSX 4 weeks ago

In Essex, it's variable. Our local 2m repeater is used by 5 different nets, so is busy most weekday evening. There are other local simplex nets on throughout the week - it's just a case of knowing when they're on. Perhaps check when the clubs are active locally and try your local repeater. Antenna height will of course increase your range.

4 weeks ago

I speak to quite a few M stations and a lot are now using the digital odes DMR,Dstar and Fusion so this is where you should probably be looking for activity in your area. A lot are also using hotspots for the digital modes so you wont hear them on the analogue repeaters.

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