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Best Soldering iron? (3 replies)

8 months ago
MaxZamos 8 months ago

My old soldering iron has finally given up and I need a new one. I just received one in the post from eBay, unboxed it, switched it on, and... nothing. It was stone cold even after ten minutes. This item had literally hundreds of 5* reviews, which were obviously fake. Reboxed, labelled and posted back for a refund.

So now I am still on the lookout for a good quality soldeing iron. Does anyone have any recommendations?

8 months ago
Chris 8 months ago

Hi Max,

My Weller has lasted just short of 50 years so far - spares still available.

Too many irons now have iron bits either tin or copper plated as soon as the coating has gone the bit has had it. can't beat a good iron with a solid copper bit and quality solder.

Chris G0 JEK.

8 months ago
M0HSZ 8 months ago

Used this for the last two years as i have a habit of forgetting to turn off my iron until sometime after I have finished whatever I have been working on. Funnily enough now i have a temperature controlled iron i always remember to turn it off.  

Malcolm M0GXZ
7 months ago
Malcolm M0GXZ 7 months ago

I've been happy with my Antex XS25.
Used to be able to buy bits in Maplin but those days are gone now.

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