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Baofeng rf audio (1 reply)

1 month ago
M7ASO 1 month ago

can anyone recommend an external passive or active amplified microphone for a uv-5rt please ? as per typical baofeng my audio is way too low and this maybe why some m7s are stating that they are being ignored ( I know that some rigs filter out low audio transmissions ) :/ 

4 weeks ago
PeterA 4 weeks ago

There are several videos on youtube regarding the audio on the UV5R handhelds... One thing you can do with no modifications is check to see if it set to NFM (Narrow-FM) which does reduce the audio level. I've messed about with it myself.

  • NFM may have better spectrum efficiency than FM, but NFM just doesn’t go as far.

The 6 decibels reduction in NFM deviation and modulation index is sadly a 6 dB decrease in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and this unfortunately means that NFM causes a loss of about 30% of your distance coverage versus regular FM. Of course Narrowband FM works fine when you are nearby, when you have strong signals (full quieting), but when you get in the fringe zone at far distances, Narrowband NFM goes to static quite rapidly.

Hope this helps!

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