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Advice for RTL Stick (1 reply)

8 months ago
metroboy2011 8 months ago

Hi, I do get a lot of interference from my telly when using SDR Sharp with my USB dongle. Ma antenna has fairly long lead and I believe that it is not the best one, as the cable picks up quite a lot interference. I can play with Sensitivity slider in SDR Sharp but it ain't be useful in long run. What You reckon, should I buy some Ferrite  Beads to clip on cable, and is there a difference, if I add just 1 ore should I put more, also should it be more close to receiver end or more close to antenna?

I am sorry, if my question seams to be from novice...


Tarmo aka M7TAA

Peter 2E0PWX
5 months ago
Peter 2E0PWX 5 months ago

i am similar to you, i have an RTL SDR stick, but have the HamItUp 1.3 up converter so i can get to the lower bands below 24Mhz

i have a long wire antenna about 10mtrs long, 9:1 balun, but i don't see any interference on the tele, but i do notice if i use the stick on a spare laptop it is fine, but if i use the stick on a raspberry pi 4b i get so much interference it make 2mtr and lower pretty useless

interestingly if i unplug the hdmi monitor lead interference reduces on the pi

tracking down interference is a pain

most of the posts and information across the net about placement of ferrites on feeder seem to point to them used near the antenna to prevent the feeder radiating unless you use a balun or similar to match the feeder to the aerial 

long wire should have a 9:1 balun as a long wire is apparently about 450ohm impedence, and you need the 9:1 balun to match it to a 50ohm feeder

i am looking at a QFH antenna for 137Mhz band to pick up NOAA weather satellites and that needs a 1:1 balun for this

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