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6m band - Is it called the "Magic Band" as there is no activity? (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 month ago
M7NLM 1 month ago

I would welcome advice, I have just passed my Foundation Course and am operating an Icom IC7300 through a GP2500 antenna on 10watts.

Reception on all bands is very good - atmospherics permitting - and antenna is resonant on 6m however, the band is silent in my area (North Lincolnshire) and no response to CQ on calling frequency. 

I have tried a scanner on 6m through a Diamond Discone and that is equally silent on this band. Is it just my area or am I doing something wrong?

I would welcome advice and observations please.



Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
1 month ago

hi Neil

have a look at 6 Meter Ham Band Activity & Its Propagation Modes Explained (

its known as the magic band as it seems to share propagation methods from both HF and VHF depending on time of day and solar activity and lots of other things

the main activity is during daylight, so if you are trying to work the band in the evenings i think you will find less activity

if you are into digital mode comms there is a new mode in WSJT-x called Q65 the main bands its aimed at is 6m and 2m, if you look on psk reporter you will see transatlantic traffic, but majority is in the US

as its a new mode traffic levels are still building up on it as people test and play with it

6m tends to use Q65 30/a   (30sec cycle, submode A)  common freq 50.275 USA &50.353mhz EU

2m tends to use Q65 60/c    (60sec cycle, submode C)   common freq 144.120, 144.140

but have a look around PSK reporter and see what frquency is in use, and tune to 1-2khz lower



1 month ago

Thanks Peter great advice, I was calling on FM during the day but it does seem that the best use of my 10w is through digital modes. I will have to get up to speed on Q65 and thank you. I think I was a little concerned that the band is silent here and worried that I am not getting my signal out. Thanks again. 73 Neil

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