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Wouxun KG-UV9K Programming (2 replies)

4 months ago
M7PNI 4 months ago

Got one of these from MLandS after playing with several Chinese handhelds and CHIRP; has anyone got one and have they had any challenges with using the Wouxun or CHIRP programming, as the COM port for the cable is recognised but it doesnt talk to the PC? Am using generic cable that has worked with several brands but CHIRP and the Wouxun sw doesnt talk to the radio.

Have ordered the Wouxun specific cable to see if its the cable chipset that is the issue, or the radio itself.

James - M7GBF
4 months ago
James - M7GBF 4 months ago

Looks like a nice radio very smart! You're doing the right thing, it probably is the cable even though I don't have that radio.

if the COM port works on other radios you've knocked out the chipset problem which is making sure the PC has the drivers on it for your cable. That in itself is usually the main problem in my experience what with the sea of dodgy cables and chips coming from China.

The only other suggestion I'd have is to shove the connector into the radio somewhat vigorously and hold it in during programming, this is the case for the Quansheng handheld I have - that connection is a bit flaky (same with my buddy who has the same radio) . Good luck!

Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
4 months ago

yep, chipset driver issues normally, look in device manager and confirm it sees the cable comm port correctly and the comm port don't have a yellow exclamation mark as MS disabled a number of older USB to serial chipsets as unsupported due to age and a lot of the cables you can buy are the old unsupported chipsets and useless

i had to get a new programming cable for my UV5r for this reason, make sure the cable is definitely listed as working with win 10

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