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10 months ago
Ross_mini 10 months ago

Good Evening all!

Im about to start the foundation course.

I have a £35 Baofeng GT-3TP radio, Im told its basically an 8 watt version of the UV-5R.

I am building a J Polo antenna to connect it to. I've got it to connected to Chirps via the USB port.

Is that a suitable kit to start with? Im happy to spend more on a better model if it would better to learn on, or stick with what I have?


Thanks in advance guys!



Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
10 months ago
Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX) 10 months ago

genie on essex ham can help with baofengs, he can provide pre-programmed baofengs, so you don't have to go through all the fun of chirp (simple enough once you get your head round it)

the genuine baofeng programming cable is not compatible with windows 10, the chip in is too old and win 10 won't load the driver

the 8w of the gt-3tp, won't make much if any difference to your range over a UV5R

also remember the baofengs have no ATU so need a fair match / SWR on external antenna, so get something like a nanoVNA for checking it, if you are making your own antenna

10 months ago

Good call. I've got a SWR meter SX-20. I was looking at a nanoVNA which will be my next investment. I enjoy making things, keeps the grey matter ticking over!

I got the GT-3TP without doing much research, only because it came as a kit.

I've had no end of problems with Prolific USB-RS232 chip set with other projects, oddly Prolific have abandoned all support for it. Ive got a cable with a FTDI chip set, that works with windows 10 and mac, with no problems. Deffo one for people to look out for.

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