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Components, connectors and electronics. (No replies)

4 weeks ago
(unknown) 4 weeks ago

Hi there Hams

Any recommendations on connectors and stuff. I recently ordered two female BNC TO female SMA from Amazon as I was in a bit or a rush, they cost £5.50, yes you read that right. Anyway I got some more from Ali Express for 30p each, had to wait 2 weeks although had still not had to use the ones from Amazon. I created a return told them I found them cheaper and no arguments they refunded my money and told me to keep them so they must know they are ripping people off, anyway I also like to build electronic things so sometimes buy ESP8266 WiFi & Bluetooth enabled boards, for example, my son runs the IT in a school and unfortunately his server room flooded so he asked me to build a Wi-Fi humidity and temperature sensor so he could watch the levels, now he doesn’t even have to worry as the ESP8266 now alerts him when the levels go over a set amount. So no more excess moisture and also no more overheating. Also I would eventually like to build a rotor for my VHF antenna and finish my automatic plant water sensors and my sound detector project that will turn on a smart plug when it hears sound over certain DB (noisy neighbours).

Anyway as far as I’m aware Maplin’s have gone and there’re charges were extortionate anyway and RS Components have disappeared as there used to be one in North Watford by the roundabout although their prices also leave a lot to be desired. 

The point of my ramblings is this…

Does any of you know of a decent wholesaler that sells electronics, connectors and components to the public in the UK at reasonable prices?




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