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Clansman dccu circuit diagram (1 reply and 1 comment)

7 months ago
M6MZC 7 months ago


Has anyone got a copy of the circuit diagram for the 28vdc battery charger for the clansman 24v batteries?  I have one that’s not working, I’ve found the fault which is the leg of a capacitor has broken from the body but all the searches on the numbers on the component don’t give me the details so I know what to order.


any help would be very much appreciated. 



6 months ago
dwarfy 6 months ago

Cant help with topic but what views on "CLANSMAN"

is there a conversion to lsb on 320?

Cheers 73

6 months ago


I’m really pleased with mine. It does have an lsb conversion. There are a couple of drawbacks but the positives far outway the negatives for me at least. If you have any questions or want a detailed comments on it let me know and I will happily help. If you want to have a go of mine then no problem, I am on Canvey and will happily let you have a go to see what you think of it. I am at the TARG event with it this weekend on the Saturday or I’m sure we can arrange for either you to pop round to me or meet up somewhere for you to try it.

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