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Call for Help- HamPiRadio project (No replies)

3 weeks ago
2E0FRU 3 weeks ago

Hi, everybody!

I'm writing about the HamPiRadio project. This is a kit/ construction project that Michael Wise, ZL3AX, previously G0GPX and J87AB has put together. Michael has done some brilliant work, but could do with some peer review of a couple of design points. Are you in a position to help?

HamPiRadio (https://hampiradio.com/)


The HamPi16 is a 16 band LF/HF/VHF Amateur Radio project for the home constructor. The initial project will receive and transmit (CW & SSB), work on all HF bands (160m to 10m 100W) plus the 50mHz and 70mHz bands (6m & 4M Lower power). You can even add your own band such as 8m. On receive it also works on the two LF bands 160 & 475 kHz and VHF 144mHz. In the future the LF and VHF RF Amplifiers and switching can be developed in a separate housing(s). The emphasis on the initial project has been quality basics of the receiver and transmitter. This is a project you are encouraged to get involved with for ongoing and iterative development.


The aim is to create a transceiver that can be built at home, coupled with a receiver that can out-perform modern commercial equipment; its construction is modular, and the approach will be Open Source.


Michael Wise, ZL3AX, previously G0GPX and J87AB, standing on the shoulders of many others, and inspired by the OMEGA project. Chris Andrew (2E0FRU)- Helping to bring the project to the world, using Agile and Open Source practices.

What Next?

The kit is currently working, but would welcome peer review. The design is Open, and encourages input and development. Like all things open, if you don’t like it, change what you don’t like, and offer it back to the community. This isn’t a kit that you can build in an hour, and then complain when it doesn’t work. If you want to be part of something that will teach you new skills, whether that be learning or sharing RF theory, or you want to contribute by submitting bugs, translating to your own (non-English) language, or helping with FAQs/ Documentation, then reach out.

Help Needed before Official Go-Live

1. Radio Board. Fix mixer LO low signal issue https://github.com/HamPiRadio/HamPiRadio/issues/1
2. Radio Board: Find / fix remaining (RF Feedback) issue https://github.com/HamPiRadio/HamPiRadio/issues/2
To use Agile terminology, the project is now just short of being declared as a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) https://github.com/HamPiRadio/HamPiRadio/issues?q=is:open+is:issue+milestone:"MVP-+Milestone+1"

How to get in touch

Let's develop this 'in the open', so everyone can benefit.

All development is coordinated on GitHub https://github.com/HamPiRadio/HamPiRadio , and informal chat takes place on Discord https://discord.com/channels/1224380244056604783/1224380244652327044


Give me a shout, or make contact via GitHub/ Discord, ideally.

Many thanks/ 73,


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