Amateur Radio at Galleywood Common

Galleywood Common has proven itself as a great location for portable amateur radio operations. A number of amateurs in the Essex area make use of this site due to its ease of access, distance from interference and good radio take-off.

This page contains some basic information about Galleywood Common for amateur radio operators.

Note that there are two locations that Essex Ham uses, the main car park, or a location close to the Horse & Groom Pub. Please make sure you go to the correct one!

Directions to Galleywood Common (Horse & Groom)

We operate close to the Horse & Groom pub – Head down Bekeswell Lane, off Margaretting Road, Galleywood. Postcode is CM2 8PL.

Directions to Galleywood Common (Main Car Park)

There are actually two car parks at Galleywood Common. The one used by many amateurs is indicated in the following map (the other one has a height restriction, which is not ideal for those with roof antennas).

The operating point is in the car-park off Margaretting Road next to the Heritage Centre. Directions from A12: – If you’re coming from Wood Street, just turn right at the Eagle public house and then left at the “P” sign.

What you need to know

Facilities (Horse & Groom Location): The pub is open from midday on Saturday & Sunday, and serves drinks and snacks when open, plus pub lunch between noon and 2pm. There is a loo (for customers only). There is no available mains power.

Facilities (Main Car Park Location): The operating point is close to the Galleywood Heritage Centre, which has a tearoom staffed by volunteers normally open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm. Amateurs visiting are advised to self-cater. There is a loo at the Heritage Centre, but it’s not always open. There is no available mains power or shelter at the operating point, so be prepared.

If you bring your own equipment, you do so at your own risk.


Photos of Galleywood Common Activations

Essex Hams have had several details out playing radio at Galleywood Common in recent weeks. Here are a few photos:

Galleywood Common GB1STG - April 2014
Galleywood Common GB1STG – April 2014
Charlie M0PZT operating GB1STG
Charlie M0PZT, activating GB1STG on 40m

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