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Various for sale (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 year ago
G0KOM 1 year ago

FT-100D, boxed in excellent condition (not widebanded) £475

IC-7000 excellent condition, not widebanded £600

IC-7700 immaculate, double boxed. £2000

LDG AT-7000 Auto ATU, matches IC-7000 but will work with any Icom radio £90

Cushcraft MA5B in excellent condition £350

Jaybeam TB3 3 Element Tribander £175

Cushcraft R7000 7 band vertical, VGC £170

Cushcraft R7000 7 band vertical VGC £170

(yes I have 2 x Cushcraft R7000s)

Pro Antennas Dual Beam Pro, VGC £150

SEM TranZmatch Balanced ATU with easytune £80

2m 6el LFA as new £50

Cushcraft R5, recently refurbished and works well £150

X300 Colinear, new in package (not diamond) £50

Would prefer inspect and collect and any test, your more than welcome to come and have a play on the radios before you buy location is Chelmsford, Essex

Adrian G0KOM

7 months ago
Daz 7 months ago

Hi Adrian,

I know this post is very old, but if it's still gathering dust I could be interested in the IC-7000.

I'm looking at one for sale but the seller is being difficult.



7 months ago

Hi Daz sorry I missed this message, yep sadly it sold quite quickly, I do have another one, this one is boxed and the later serial number after Icom did some upgrades from new, will have a think whether I want to let this one go and let you know

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