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Old Vintage Valve Radio Sets (1 reply)

Pete M0PSX
Pete M0PSX
8 months ago
Pete M0PSX 8 months ago

(Posted on behalf of Ken G0OSI)

Hello fellow members, its Kenneth here, call sign G0OSI, I have amongst my hobby as a radio ham included restoring old wireless sets, the ones with those things that glow called valves. I love restoring these old sets no matter what age or condition they are, I wonder if any fellow member might have and old set that they have no use for as I am looking for some to restore over the coming winter months and to say the least, it keeps my brain active.
You can contact me via e mail through Essex Ham.
All the very best for Xmas and 73's

6 months ago
2e0ytz 6 months ago

i see this about old radio sets sometime back,,,,then i was speaking to a freind ,,,about restoring ww2 army trucks and lorries,,, to my amazment they take out the radios and store them in the corner of the barn where they work  on the trucks etc ,,i have asked for some photos of radio sets so i can forward them to you,,,and get some contact details from the truck restorers,,,,m6ice

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