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Huge list of stuff for sale, all located in Chelmsford (1 reply and 3 comments)

4 weeks ago
G0KOM 4 weeks ago

TS-870S Lovely £575

FT-101ZD very nice condition £300

IC-7000 immaculate/boxed £600

IC-2350H boxed £100

FT-817ND boxed immaculate £380

IC-756 PRO III £825

Immaculate, boxed


Innovantennas 2 El 10m Moxon £100

6 El 50Mhz Op Des £140

6 El LFA 144Mhz £60

9 El LFA 144Mhz £100


Vintage Yaesu YD148 Deskmicrophone, boxed £45

Watson Sp-180A Amplified Extension speaker in box £10 incl postage


SEM TranZmatch £95

5 El 50Mhz Yagi £50

X-300 VHF/UHF Vertical (New) £50

Icom SP-20 Filtered Speaker £115

RAF Type D Key £60

MFJ 971 Portable ATU immaculate £95

KW-107 Supermatch £130

Icom FL-101 250Hz

CW Filter (new) £65

LDG AT-600 PRO II ATU £230

Yaesu FC-902 ATU £120

Boxed immaculate FC-700 ATU £120


Welz SP-15M boxed £35

Vibroplex Key £130

Eco Antenna 3 band WARC trapped Dipole, new never used £70

Watson FC-130 Frequency Counter, new in box £50

Opto electronics Micro Handicounter £50

SignalLINk USB interface £70


Yaesu G-5500 rotator and controller  in lovely condition but does not include the elevation rotator, has been used purely for the azimuth rotator which is very heavy duty complete with a huge run of control cable £300


Yaesu FT-480R and FT-680R, both bought ages ago to look at but never got round to it, no power leads or microphones so just sold as spares or repair and as seen £60 the pair both in decent condition.


Jaybeam TB2, 2 element Tribander, this is brand new never been used, bought and stored for the last 30 odd years so a bit of history £300

Nevada TM1000 high power manual ATU, higher power variable caps and roller inductor,  internally lovely but externally could do with a tidy up, rare now £130


Clark Scam 40 this is the version just before the Scam 12,  same height and spec just different valve, this will need work as the Valve is rusted and will need replacing, its been sat in my covered alleyway for years unused £300


Altron 10m Windup/Tiltover tower, currently ground mounted as a tiltover on my house but I also have the post mount so can be installed as a post mount seperate from the house, also have two differnent head mounts for it, a rotator cage or a direct rotator mount, so multiple configs for this £450


Tennamast 12m Mast with ground Post and Rotator Cage, excellent condition £450


MM0CUG small 30ft Mast, heavy steel box construction with Electric winch



Adrian G0KOM

2 weeks ago
M7TFD 2 weeks ago

Am interested in the IC-7000. Is it still available? I'm also looking for an ATU/AMU and you have a few listed. Would like to discuss.


2 weeks ago

No problem it is still available at the minute due to a no show, I also have the matching LDG AT-7000 for the IC-7000 although it can be used on any Icom radio with the molex atu connector on the rear, you either give me a call on 07883725878 or email [email protected]

2 weeks ago

that should have said you can either give me a call on 07883725878 or email [email protected] :-)

3 days ago

Apologies for the delayed response. I did find a Xiegu G90 for sale at a very reasonable price, so purchased that. As I "collect" more stuff, I'll be sure to look you up.

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