Essex Ham YL Net 04 August 2018

This month’s Essex Ham Young Ladies Net started at 8pm on Saturday the 4th of August 2018.

The YL Net is hosted, as ever, by Dorothy M0LMR, and you can find out more about the net on our Essex Ham YL Net page.

Dorothy M0LMR, host of the Essex Ham YL Net
Dorothy M0LMR, host of the Essex Ham YL Net


Live Chat: During the Net, we run an Internet chatroom. Go to to get chatting during our nets – You need to create a free Essex Ham account to access our chatroom.
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Sarah, Stella, Dorothy, Glynis and Lisa - the 5 participants of the first Essex Ham YL Net
Sarah, Stella, Dorothy, Glynis and Lisa – the 5 participants of the first Essex Ham YL Net in 2015

Net Attendees

Here’s the attendance list for this week’s net:

  1. Dorothy M0LMR, Basildon (in the chair)
  2. Rachel G6AMY, Aveley
  3. Andrew 2E0ONH, Chelmsford
  4. Brian 2E0WHB, Chelmsford (with a sole back)
  5. Dave M6GKV, Hertfordshire
  6. Pete M0PSX, Leigh-on-Sea
  7. Craig M6OZC/M on the way back from Kent (nice to see you at Galleywood today)
  8. Rob M1EGP
  9. David M1ECC, Basildon
  10. John G3ZJZ, Hockley

Topics for the evening included:

  • Continuing hot weather here in the U.K. and in Europe
  • Today’s Galleywood Gathering – lovely day out , and Andrew 2E0ONH built a antenna for 20 and 40M (and all works well!)
  • Peter Onion G0DZB actually using a mic …TWICE …there’s a thing
  • Kelly M6KFA 30th birthday today and nice picture message for her from the guys at today’s Galleywood Gathering
  • GB5RC, Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge, is back on their air
  • Not being attacked by a werewolf
  • Quote of the night from Brian… it’s a pain in “shack-sitting muscle”
  • Can you use your amateur radio licence and heldheld for VHF marine operations? No, you’ll need a separate VHF marine licence (Ships Radio licence) issued by Ofcom
  • Maritime Mobile lots discussed and lots of very good information given by Rob M1 EGP ex coastguard officer , thank you .
  • Giving a talk to clubs? If you’re interested, add you details here: Essex Speaker’s Directory
  • Shredding? Or good excuse for a bonfire?

The net wrapped up at 9:50pm local time. A little bit of a quiet one tonight, possible due to the warm weather. Well done to Dorothy for running another great net.

Thanks & Disclaimer

Essex Repeater Group LogoEssex Ham would like to thank the Essex Repeater Group for allowing us to use the GB3DA for the Essex YL Net. This repeater, together with GB3ER, GB3DB and GB7ZP are managed by volunteers. ERG would appreciate your support which can be by membership or donation, online at
Please note that the YL Net and Monday Night Net are recorded for the protection of our participants. Audio from repeaters around the UK, including GB3DA, may be streamed online and via web SDRs.
The views and opinions expressed by participants of the Essex YL Net do not necessarily reflect the views of Essex Ham.


Data Protection Notice: Messages transmitted over amateur radio as part of an Essex Ham Net are streamed online and recorded. Names and callsigns of net participants are logged and a summary of attendees made public via this website. We believe this to be for reasons of ‘Legitimate Interest’ under GDPR regulations. Messages posted in the Net chatroom may be relayed over-air as part Essex Ham’s Net, if the Net Controller deems it to be relevant to on-air discussion. See our Terms & Privacy Policy for more.


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