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Suggestions for New Starter Guides (2 replies)

Pete M0PSX
7 years ago
Pete M0PSX 7 years ago

Posted on behalf of Mitchell, 2E0EMO. Suggestions for links or videos appreciated, or better still, offers to put together a useful guide.



I said i would look at what guides i feel may be needed. These are the sections which going though the int book stood out as badly / could be explained by them. I would hope where Essex Ham explains the basics better than the foundation now book that it would make the progression feel better to people. Also help some m6's get the feel going forward.

The book covers a lot of it but is very wordy and not as visual as the Essex ham guides. 

Soldering Skills and Safety

This section to me being a gray scale book does not show clearly a good joint vs a bad joint. It explains it but not really as clear. I suck at soldering and only just now getting good flowing joints. One of the things i would feel for a guide like is maybe a video or more step by step.

Using a multi meter

Yes i know how to use one as grown up around them but simple things like using one to test a cable would be helpful for newbies who not wanting to ask others to test it or how to. This i think would help rule out some of the problems new licence holders face when setting their rig up.

Antenna Feeders

I know this is where the 2E is meant to cover it but when i did my M6 i went out and brought the odd wrong item as i had not been taught this. Where i would say a bit of a section of the plugs and coax types would help guide people to getting on air and having some luck. 

Also a bit of  more visual guide on antenna patterns / types as the right antenna 10w can do very well. I would look more to say if ham goodies got them in people would go that direction if a link to what they need is there.

Types of plugs

I have ended up before buying the wrong plug where something uses a SMA-F or a SMA-M then found out i brought it for wifi. Also sometimes knowing what each type of plug looks like quickly is a nightmare as i got kit that uses ones that not so common.

Coping with interference

Maybe a bit of a guide to how to handle interference complaints in a manner as amateurs understanding what causes it / how to fix it would help all levels. the good radio house keeping explains it but its just diagrams and lacks any visual help for this.

Practical building

When i did my 2E it was hard to pick something radio based to build. Could we have some ideas on it so we could show what is easy to build maybe bit hard and then something more built up.



Suggestions welcome please. Many thanks, Pete

Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
4 years ago

one thing i have had trouble finding is how to recognise signal types by the pattern on the waterfall displays

knowing what an AM, FM, SSB, CW or various data signals look like on the waterfall can make new starters life easier, as they can choose the right mode on the receiver and resolve the signal quicker and easier, some screen shots of the various signals with a short explanation would be a great help for a new starter

the other is how to confirm the frequency / calibration of a receiver / SDR 

3 years ago
M7CPR 3 years ago

I really struggled with the plug types and remembering them but just persevered. Have to say as someone new to ham radio the new guides are really helpful.

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