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Clubs in Essex (No replies)

2 years ago
MikeSix 2 years ago

Can I suggest you add some more about clubs in Essex and perhaps get people to vote on their favourite club - like Tripadvisor?? I'm new to the area and would like to try some of the clubs, but want to hear from some of the members.

My nearest club doesn't seem to do any actual radio. I spoke to one of their guys who said its all about social events, which isn't really what I am looking for.

My second nearest meets on days that I can't make, and none of the talks have inspired me.

My third nearest doesn't answer my emails, seems to have a bad reputation and has a members-only rule (for insurance reasons??).

I'm going to get along to your next Skills Night when I can and as Shoeberry isn't far away I will come to your next outing there.

So, how about a club guide??


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