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Using your callsign when transmitting. (3 replies and 2 comments)

Paul (M0DVD)
Paul (M0DVD)
1 month ago
Paul (M0DVD) 1 month ago

I know most of you announce your call signs however I am shocked at the amount of people that transmit and especially on S20 that fail to announce their callsigns and on their first and sometimes only over.

Sometimes I have to check the frequency read out on the radio to make sure that I am monitoring the 2 metre band instead of 11 meters.

I know that I am guilty of not using my radio much but at least when I do I always announce my call sign and keep to my license conditions.

People keying up, People not announcing their call signs and people with dual band radios not checking and having their QSO's over the calling frequency.

Can you imagine what this looks like to newcomers to the hobby when they see theis behaviour from individuals that hold an advanced license?


3 weeks ago
G0APM 3 weeks ago

It's difficult, perhaps they're unlicensed and experimenting in eagerness before passing the exam? I bought an Icom IC-2E (VHF/2M handheld) back in 1980 which was £150.00, a lot of money then before I was licensed, I did do a few tests of course but in a very courteous way, everybody did/does and still do, we know that, it was and still is accepted I recon (you know who you are).

Now of course VHF/UHF radios are 10 a penny and transmit almost anywhere and unfortunately this is what happens. Let's be honest, radio amateurs/hams are a funny old lot, a certain type (frustrated X broadcasters, X CBers, radio pirates etc) so I wouldn't get frustrated it's part of the territory fortunately or unfortunately.

Have to admit last time I monitored S20 (145.500) I heard nearly nothing for a week, how things have changed. Anyway, fact is there's nothing than can be done about bad operating and Ofcom will do absolutely nothing about it, ever.

Take a deep breath, relax and ignore it. They should bring back GB3SL, now that was entertainment for sure.


73 de G0APM


3 weeks ago

MR APM how the devil are you long time no hear !

1 week ago
G0UKP 1 week ago

Good morning to all Essex Hams,  I must say what a great site this is, always something going on, Well done Pete.

I must add my 5 pence worth in regard to the none communication of call signs on S20, and yes you are right it should be done every time, but with what seems to be going on these day on the bands its nothing !  for example, My Grandson 10yrs sits with me listening to the bands and likes nothing than more than tunning in to other Hams, on one accasion he did  just that and found a local ham swearing, the F word was used several times, I reacted  by keying up and said "would you please stop swearing as my Granson is listening" (it was said in a polite manor,) I was told in no uncertain tearms to Fxxx off.  He was told my another Ham who  was trying to contact him to calm down but that did not help.I sent an e-mail to this person telling him of the situation and that my Grandson was listening to his behavour on the Bands (again sent politely)  I have known this Ham for several year and always had a good repore with him but he did not even have the decency to reply.

On an another occasion a senior (OAP) Radio Ham was threatened with violence from another Radio licence holder.

I can go on with more  but I won`t, is this the way it`s going these days,no wonder the Bands are so quite and people are not getting into the Hobby, My Grandson keeps away from the Radio now, what a shame he was very interested in the how it all worked from a very early age. 

I must end by saying I have met many Radio Hams over the year who are very knowledgable, kind, and helpful you could not find a better bunch world wide, it`s spoilt by the few as always. Brian G0UKP.

Paul (M0DVD)
Paul (M0DVD)
7 days ago
Paul (M0DVD) 7 days ago

My VHF radio is off for days at a time, Something that I have never done in the past.

I just refuse to have to listen to people keying up of which this has been happening on S20 and GB3DA for a very long time now.

And then people telling them off and they are just as bad as they don't announce their call signs when they make a transmission.

People using S20 for testing.

Not what I signed up for.

I really appreciate people promoting the hobby but sadly a lot of that time is being wasted as who wants to join the hobby and most importantly stay in the hobby with all this rubbish happening.

Way too many ignorant, two faced, unwelcoming individuals.

I have now brought a radio that only does HF and my VHF radio will probably be assigned to the car for DF on the few occassions that I go out in the vehicle.

Obviously team work does not happen on amateur radio these days otherwise these keyers would of been found by now, The fact whoever it is that has been keying on the calling and repeater frequencies for well over a year now makes the hobby look hopeless.


Not many years ago they would of been caught within the month.

Lots of standards have been lost in the hobby.


5 days ago

If more effort was made to get on the radio operating and doing something positive for the hobby leading by example of how it's done than to sit & listen & come on forums moaning about how bad it is very negative does no good for the hobby at all maybe you should be making some effort to put something positive into the hobby then you will see the rewards and get happiness back from the fruits of efforts put into the hobby so easy to do nothing sit back & pick holes in it as i have always said put nothing in you get nothing out negative breeds negative positive breeds positive something to think about before putting the hobby down yet again

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