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UK Foundation can now operate in Australia for 365 days (No replies)

1 month ago
M5AKA 1 month ago

UK Foundation holders are now welcome to operate in Australia for up to 365 consecutive days - it had previously been just 90 days.

WIA announcement:

Finally, if you're planning to visit us down under here in Australia anytime soon and want to get on the air, listen up.

Whether you are a US Technician class operator, a Foundation licence holder in the UK or a ham with entry-level privileges in certain other countries, the new class licence arrangements here in Australia now permit you to get on the air - up to a maximum of 365 consecutive days. Visitors from a list of countries no longer need to make a separate application for a licence; they need only append VK slash before their home callsign.

The ACMA has posted a list of countries with currently recognised foreign licence equivalents who may operate under Australian licence conditions. Visit the ACMA page at the address given in the text version of this weeks news

The ACMA makes it clear, however, that hams seeking to relocate permanently to Australia still need to apply for a licence in VK and receive a new VK home call.

Speaking of 'home calls', I'm VK2LAW reporting from the international news desk here in Sydney.
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