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Training (1 reply)

4 months ago
TerryB53 4 months ago

I know this may be trivial to those that have already passed their Foundation Exam, I am studying very hard I have my Foundation Licence Manual, but I am struggling on what should be an obvious answer.

The question and I think I have the correct answer would be, if the operator of a station reputedly declines to give his call sign, should I then just Break Of The Contact.

Thank you in advance.


Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
4 months ago

a station is required to broadcast their callsign at reasonable intervals when in a QSO, or when starting or finishing a QSO is my understanding

add that to the fact you are not meant to interact with non amateur station i would say your interpretation is correct break off communications

And no ham would refuse a reasonable request to repeat their callsign 

from the license ( Amateur radio guidance ( )

Hopefully Pete (M0PSX) will confirm :)

crack on with the study, if need be put pete on the spot at one of the foundation course online Q&A's he runs :)

hope to hear you on the air shortly :)

73 Peter M0PWX (mainly HF digital modes)

Clause 13 – Identification
2.95 The Licence requires that the station must be clearly identifiable at all times. This does not mean that the station’s identity must be transmitted constantly but simply that another station must be able to identify the transmitting station clearly, with relative ease.
2.96 The usual way of identifying an Amateur Radio station is by the unique call sign that Ofcom has assigned to it. The Licence provides that the call sign must be transmitted as frequently as is practicable during transmissions. This wording is borrowed from the RRs40,which also provide that Amateur Radio stations should transmit their call sign at short intervals41.
2.97 The Licence used to stipulate that the call sign must be transmitted at least once every fifteen minutes. Many Radio Amateurs still view that as ‘best practice’. If operators are working in voice or Morse code, then this interval seems sensible but not every situation may lend itself to such a strict requirement.
2.98 It is for individual operators or licensees to determine how often a call sign or other identification is transmitted, to comply with the requirement in Clause 13(1)(a) that the station be clearly identifiable at all times. This includes digital transmissions, where, again, licensees must determine how to comply with the overall requirement. One solution might be to embed the call sign into the signal. It is unclear how a station would be clearly identified if it did not, as an absolute minimum, identify itself at the beginning and end of transmissions.

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