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Passed tonight (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 month ago
Gingaman 1 month ago


I'm thrilled to share that I've passed my foundation exam tonight! A massive thank you to Pete M0PSX and everyone involved with Ham Train. Your dedication to providing top-notch, free resources made all the difference in my study journey.

The generosity of Pete and the team are truly inspiring. I relied entirely on the Ham Train course materials and couldn't be more grateful for the high-quality instruction.

Now, as I count down the days until I can get my callsign and start using my Yaesu ft-991A that’s gathering dust, I'm also looking ahead to the next exams.

Thanks again, and see you on air.


Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
4 weeks ago

Well done Steve

welcome to a fun hobby with many nook's and crannies to delve into if you are so inclined

VHF get the antenna as high as possible,

HF is less fussy about height, I have a fan dipole (40m-10m) pinned to my 6ft fence panels as a covert antenna, does pretty well  on digital modes with my 20w Xiegu G90, my main fan dipole (40m-6m) 20m long runs down the length of the garden, 5mtr in the air and I get pretty much world wide with that on FT8/4

never used more than 50w on my FT991a on HF or 30w on VHF / UHF

when you get your callsign register on QRZ . com it will want a full address as you register, then you can edit your entry and take out your house / road if you want for privacy (you can do the same on eQSL as well ,if you upload your license front page you can get the authenticity guaranteed status) 

any questions, just ask and someone will know the answer



M0PWX (not Pete M0PSX who runs the site)

3 weeks ago

Thanks, Peter,

I got my call sign M7OOR on St George's day, just in time for my friend who had a special call sign for St Georges Day, and he TX's from St Georges, also managed to get on to DX commanders live stream on the 26th on my birthday, I muscled in with my 25w :-D

Steve (M7OOR)

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