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License conditions and Beacons (1 reply)

9 months ago
rbannocks 9 months ago


I am preparing to take the full exam and looking at Beacons.  My reading, which many be wrong, is that as the operation of beacons is refered to in 10(1) which refers to schedule 2 which in note B to that schedule restricts beacons to 25 W e.r.p. that all beacons (or at least all UNATTENDED beacons) must operate at 25W or lower.  However I am told that Beacons operate in a pattern transmitting at a fixed point past the hour at 22 WPM at 100Watts then 10 watts, then 1W and then 0.1 W.  Which appears to contradict my reading of the license as set out in EX509.

Can someone explain more please.



Peter M0PWX (2E0PWX)
9 months ago

the important thing about exams and exam questions is the answer is based on the information in the question and in the exam booklet

all the questions i have seen in practice tests and in my full exam 2 years ago there was a "word for word" passage in the license extract in the exam booklet ( EX309-Full-Licence-Data-Sheet-Nov-2022-.pdf (

i wouldn't fixate on any one topic to much as each topic only has a few questions

the thing i found with my exam was the sheer number of equation in the exam booklet, the trick was not memorising the formula's but knowing which was used for what purpose, 

if you get a question needing a calculation and you have two possible formulas, quickly do both calculations and see if your answer matches any in the question

the RSGB exam secrets is a good book, has lots of additional questions and information, also the Cornish amateur radio club YouTube channel "advanced course" (169) Advanced - Select a calculator - YouTube has a lot of good information for most of the current syllabus (missing some of the newer bits around EMF regs etc) but covers all the electronic, antenna and propagation etc 

i hope this helps and good luck with your exam




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