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DMR Simplex Activity 14 & 15th August 2021 (No replies)

Pete M0PSX
9 months ago
Pete M0PSX 9 months ago

Posted on behalf of Gary M5YRG:

Hello.... Welcome to anyone who is reading this and thank you for your time.

Had an idea, hopefully simple and fun requiring only time to be spent for those who can take part - sorry to those who can not. Idea is.... On the 14th I will setup my portable antenna for 2/70 meters at Bluebell hill - North Maidstone and while monitoring 433.625 Time slot TS1 & Colour Code CC1.

If by some chance the frequency is busy I will use 433.650 then 433.675.

To put out CQ calls - if you can hear me & wish to please QSO with me - I will make a list, then like a call / net controller see how many and more importantly how far a Simplex DMR QSO, this will then pass round station to station - who can hear / work who etc.

To stress the point gently please, Simplex only will be used - NO hotspots / gateways / repeaters  DMR radio to radio.

For Your Info 432 & 433 MHz - 625,650,675 are all valid DV simplex frequencies in the current RSGB band plan. 

Of course if you are able to attach a better antenna to your rig - then please do, as I will be also.

73 Hope to work you on air.

Gary M5YRG

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