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Calling all Amateurs Geeks, Nerds, Young People, Hackspacers and anyone else (1 reply)

8 years ago
2E0EMO 8 years ago

I am looking to start a UK wide online alternative radio club (AltARC) to help those who do not fit in with actual physical clubs or growing tired with the clubs concepts. Bit like Essex Ham but the whole of the UK. As a amateur I grew tired of being a young person wanting to play with new technologies but keep being shut down.

So why am I posting this
Well I need support for this from people to help write stuff and get the online club promoted.
Things at this stage I would love to see more of:
Raspberry Pi Projects
Amateur Weather Projects
Homebrew projects
Strange radio based projects that In theory should not work but do
You write ups on random outings radio based

I have a website address so far which will be AltArc.UK (At time of writing I am waiting for the DNS to repoint).

At time of posting this is only less than 4 hours old the idea and I am spending my weekend writing and building the basics. I would love to hear people’s views and from those who would like to get involved and hopefully form a team.

Pete M0PSX
8 years ago
Pete M0PSX 8 years ago

Hi Mitchell,

Sounds great. The more there is online about the hobby, the better.

If there's anything we can do to help, promotion-wise, just ask!


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