Essex 2M Activity Day Update

The 17th of March 2018 was another in the series of 2m Activity Days organised by the Thurrock Acorns. Here’s a summary of the event, from Essex Ham’s perspective.

The group had planned a field day to support the event, but given the snow, 20mph winds and the “feels like -7” temperature in South Essex, the planned field event at Shoebury East Beach was called off. Instead, local hams supported the event from home (mostly). Exception was Dorothy M0LMR  and Richard G7OED, who braved the elements to work SSB.

Today’s Activity

Thurrock Acorns were active throughout the afternoon, with Rachel working FM as GX4HKO, and Gordon working on SSB – Details at

Essex Ham’s tentative plan was as follows:

  • 1pm – 2m FM simplex – around 145.500MHz 
  • 2pm – Short Net on GB3DA
  • 3pm – 2m SSTV on 144.500MHz (See SSTV Basics)
  • 3:30pm – 2m FT8 data mode on 144.174MHz USB (See FT8 Basics)
  • 4pm – 2m SSB – around 144.300MHz
  • 4:30pm – Wrapping up back on simplex, around  145.500MHz

Today’s Club Log MX0SXA

Callsign Name Frequency Time Mode Sent
G7BHE Paul 145.425 13:02 FM 57
M0SSK Kristian 145.425 13:07 FM 58
GX4HKO Rachel 145.475 13:17 FM 53
2E0YRG Gary 145.425 13:31 FM 59+
G0UKP Brian 145.425 13:35 FM 59+
G0BKL Eddie 145.425 13:41 FM 54
2E0JOI William 145.525 13:51 FM 59+
G8UDD Steve GB3DA 14:12 FM 59+
GX4HKO Rachel (2nd Mode) GB3DA 14:30 FM 59+
M0LMR Dorothy GB3DA 14:31 FM 59+
M0NFE Nick GB3DA 14:33 FM 59+
M0WJL Gordon GB3DA 14:34 FM 59+
M6KZP Zena GB3DA 14:35 FM 59+
M0SSK Kristian (2nd Mode) GB3DA 14:37 FM 59+
M1ECC David GB3DA 14:42 FM 59+
M0PZT Charlie 144.500 15:15 SSTV 545
M0HWM Sid, Herne Bay 144.500 15:28 SSTV 545
G4VXE Tim 144.174 15:55 FT8 -12
G0RNU Neil 144.174 16:03 FT8 +3
G1NOX Mal 144.290 16:03 USB 41
G4ZUL Steve 144.250 16:19 USB 57
G4HCK Nick 144.250 16:34 USB 40
M0SSK Kristian (3rd Mode) 144.250 16:34 USB 38
G0UCH Colin 145.425 16:42 FM 58

(I also worked Charlie M0PZT on FT8, but on my personal call, and a few stations just outside of the 1-5pm timeslot)

Event Summary

I understand that Rachel managed to clock up over 25 calls as GX4HKO, and Gordon managed 11 (mostly on SSB). 

From the preliminary numbers, looks like this might have been the most successful of the 2m activity days – no doubt helped by the snow keeping a few of us hams indoors!

Well done to everyone who took part. It would have been good if a few more hams (or clubs) had got behind the event and supported Thurrock Acorns – When a club puts on a county-wide event, it’s always hoped that the other clubs could perhaps get their members involved too and make for a more popular and inclusive event. There’s another set for November, so perhaps contact your local club and ask them to get involved next time?

FT8 signals sent from Southend on 2m SSB - 17 March 2018
FT8 signals sent from Southend on 2m SSB – 17 March 2018 – Impressive DX!


SSTV Image from Charlie M0PZT - Happy Hamming?
SSTV Image from Charlie M0PZT – Happy Hamming?

Shack Pics

For a laugh, how about some selfies from your shack today? We can add them to our gallery. If you’re in Essex and active on-air this afternoon, send us a pic and we’ll add it to the gallery! Email

Thanks to those that took time to send us an image!

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