Dave Speechley G4UVJ SK – Funeral Details

The following message is posted on behalf of SEARS, the South Essex Amateur Radio Society:


Dave SpeechleyIt is with real sadness and regret that SEARS announces that Life President Dave Speechley G4UVJ was promoted to a higher band in the early hours of Tuesday April 4th.

Dave was widely known and highly regarded in the radio amateur community far beyond our own club.Dave was a founder member of SEARS in 1982, and has worked steadfastly for the club ever since. He has held all the possible roles over the years – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Rally Master for the famous Canvey Rally, etc, sometimes more than once and on occasions more than one at a time.

He wasn’t just the President of SEARS, he WAS SEARS.

The funeral will be held at Woodside Cemetry SS7 4PH on Monday May 8th at 12 noon.

As the family wake is going to be held at Dave’s bungalow there is not going to be room for all his amateur radio friends. Sears are planning to host a separate send off for the amateur fraternity at the Zach Wilscher pub, Church Rd, Benfleet, SS7 4PL.

If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] to enable us to arrange adequate catering.

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