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Clive Ward G1EUC from CARS
Clive Ward G1EUC from CARS

Clive Ward G1EUC, the training co-ordinator for the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society was interviewed on BBC Essex this morning, Wednesday the 14th of December 2011 about amateur radio in Essex.

Clive gave a great overview of the hobby, including discussion of what hams talk about on-air, an overview of the Foundation course taught in Danbury, contacting the International Space Station, a little about morse (which is no longer mandatory for getting a licence), as well as a mention for Ben M6BDL from Bicknacre, the eight-year old who recently passed the Foundation exam in Danbury.

Below is a recording of this morning’s interview:

Clive Ward on BBC Essex 14 Dec 2011 (7 mins 40 secs, mp3 format)

Clive was promoting the Amateur Radio Foundation courses put on by CARS. CARS has been running its training courses for 10 years, with around 300 students over the years. Members of the CARS training team are all volunteers helping to encourage people to take up the hobby and get on the air.

The entry-level Foundation course lasts just six weeks and tales place  on a Thursday night in Danbury, close to Chelmsford. The next course starts on Thursday the 12th January 2012, with another course starting at the end of August 2012.

You can find details on how to contact Clive from CARS at

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Note: Audio from BBC Essex is copyright BBC Essex. Recording is used here to promote the amateur radio hobby, and not for any commercial purposes.

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