RSGB Foundation Licence Manual: Amateur Radio Training Book

Foundation Licence ManualIf you’re considering getting an amateur radio licence in the UK, then you may want to consider investing in a copy of the RSGB “Foundation Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs”.

This training book is produced and sold by the RSGB , and it covers the Foundation syllabus in the right amount of detail to give you all of the information needed to pass your first exam. It can be used to supplement learning on an online course, such as the free Foundation Online course.

Complete with pictures and useful information, it’s 42 pages long and broken down into sections covered by training courses and the exam paper itself.

The book is written by respected amateur radio trainer Alan Betts G0HIQ and is published by the RSGB.


RSGB Foundation Manual Availability

Not currently recommended! New Ofcom licence conditions came into effect in February 2024, and this book is therefore currently out-of-date.

Due to project plan slippages at RSGB, their exam syllabus change has been pushed to September 2024, so this outdated version of the manual is of limited use for a short time only.

A new book will be published by RSGB in due course – date unknown.

The Foundation Licence Manual (by the RSGB) is available from around £8 online from:

ISBN: 9781 9101 9363 1

Foundation Study GuideAlternatives? We’ve released a handy Foundation Study Guide – This is available in both paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.

Our new Foundation Study Guide covers the 2024 syllabus and is suitable for exams both before and after the syllabus change date of 1st September 2024.

The Guide covers the essentials and is broken down into sections that match our course modules. The guide ends with some handy tips on how to pass the Foundation exam, as well as a mock test. It also contains a handy glossary and an exam FAQ.

Foundation Study Guide is available from Amazon in two formats: Kindle & Paperpack

RSGB Book Versions

The exam syllabus changed on 1st of September 2019, so older books (such as Foundation Licence Now!”) should not be used.

The latest version that we know of, is marked as “Second Edition Printed 2022”

Updates and corrections can be found here: RSGB Foundation Manual Corrections

Sections of the book

Section Number of  Pages
Technical Basics 6
Transmitters & Receivers 3
Feeders & Antennas 5
Propagation 2
Licence Conditions 4
Safety 4
Operating Procedures 5


There’s our newly-released Foundation Study Guide available in paperback and Kindle format.

We have also released a 35-page printable PDF Guide is available free to our Patreon Tier 2 and 3 members, or in our Patreon Store.

See HamTrain Revision Guide (35 page PDF)

HamTrain Revision Guide
HamTrain Revision Guide – Free to our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Patreon Supporters

RSGB Manuals

Foundation Licence Manual
Foundation Licence Manual

Cost is around £8-£10, and available as a Paper version or Kindle Version

Intermediate Licence Manual
Intermediate Licence Manual

After your Foundation, comes Intermediate. The book’s about £9, and is available as a Paper version or Kindle Version

RSGB Full Manual
Full Licence Manual

After Intermediate, comes the Full licence, and the manual for that is about £12, and is available as a Paper version

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